"This film was chosen by a unanimous juror decision. Jurors commented that the plot uniquely tells the story not only of three lives, but also of India's relationship with cricket. The stories of each of the characters were in their own right interesting, while the interweaving of each of the tales added a complexity to the overarching narrative." - ReelWorld Film Festival Jury, April 2014

"This has got to be the cricket film of the century." - ReelWorld Film Festival, Toronto, April 2014

"Sushrut Jain's feature documentary Beyond All Boundaries goes beyond the sport and explores the magical power of cricket." - E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post

"Cinematic it is..Starting with a Kolkata sunrise and ending in a Bihari gathering of thousands, it is a stunning, riveting, unreal sequence that would seem mawkish in the movies - except, this was real." - Sharda Ugra, ESPN Cricinfo, August 4, 2013

"In the cinematic genre of cricket documentaries, Beyond All Boundaries has made a distinctive footprint and carved out a niche of its own." - ESPN Cricinfo, August 4, 2013

"Shot locally by cinematographer Jeremy Guy and mixed with recorded footage of the 2011 World Cup, the documentary is an interesting juxtaposition of the glamorous world of international stars and the ambitious youngsters toiling in recurring local leagues." - Live Mint & The Wall Street Journal, May 15, 2013

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